adidas Originals by HYKE SS15 2

Found these on the Adidas Originals Tumblr account and loved them.  I love a gritty blurry photo however,  these still have adidas as the main view point.


Adidas Originals X Rita Ora

As I was searching through Adidas advertisements for inspiration for my current uni brief and I came across these photos of Rita Ora’s collaboration with Adidas Originals I knew that I had to use these as inspiration. From the beginning it was obvious that the collaboration was going to be a success, and we have not been disappointed. It’s given me ideas on styling, model poses and to know the right amount of attitude to pull these kind of looks off.


Another photographer to influence my Adidas shoot would be Olly Burn.

Olly is a London based photographer who combines photography with his passion for story telling and travelling. He captures youthful energy and spontaneity with a authentic sense of fun.

Environment is key in his shoots. He always strives to capture images that are believable.

Here are some images Olly shot for Adidas Originals-