Digital Platform- Converse- Matt Corvis


I started my campaign by creating a Pinterest board and putting this first image from the video I made as the first pin. I then linked this image to my Tumblr page where there is a full series of images creating the serious for Converse ‘Neon Dreams’. I will be linking all of my social medias to this Tumblr page in various different ways such as Hashtags and simple click/link buttons.

Within the board on the Pinterest page I will include inspiration/ like and follow other similar creatives with similar work. The more people who ‘pin’ my work onto their page= the more views and the more people that will be viewing the particular campaign.

Pinterest pros

  • inspiration webpage
  • uploading of own work- can take you to your website
  • you can watermark you images meaning people will know it is yours
  • other people can pin your work- the more the better!!
  • great way to follow other photographers/creatives =collaborations?
  • wide audience



Digital Platform- Matt-NEW IDEA

Following my first shoot and decided I would need to create images that were more dynamic and had a story line behind them I decided I would create images that had an American feel to them. I wanted to create these images using coloured gels to create a neon effect, and for them to have some kind of gritty, shot on the road type feel to appeal to a younger audience such as teenagers/young adults as this would be converse main target audience.

I came up with the idea Converse- Neon Dreams.

I have taken a range of images from just the shoes to the model and their surroundings using this technique. So far I have created an advertisement which I will post on social media, to hint that there will be a new look book coming soon with the possibility of a new range of shoes. I will use the hashtag #converseneondreams so all my photographs will remain in one place and people can easily find the details and share among themselves. IMG_1252.JPG

Digital Platform- Matt- Edits from shoot one

Here I have played around with different ways of creating an advertisement using the photos I took as a trial and error. Although I won’t be using the photos I shot on the first shoot- it was a good way of editing and seeing what works ready for when I shoot again.


I took a quote from their own ad ‘shoes are boring wear sneakers’ for one of them and made it into an advertisement to suggest something else was going to follow such as a release of a new pair etc. For the other image I wanted to do a similar thing so created the question ‘what style will you bring?’ I did this so engage the audience and used the hashtag #BRconverse- BRING CONVERSE. I like the idea of engaging the audience and using the hashtag’s so will continue to do so in my future work. Using the # means that everyone using this will see other images, creating more of a following for the brand itself.

Digital Platform- Matt- First Shoot

img_1085img_1100img_1103img_1092img_1093img_1094img_1096img_1101img_1106img_1108img_1109From looking at my initial research, I went out to photograph some scenes and some converse in an urban landscape. Although the photos were ok- they weren’t what I was aiming for, so will be reshooting! These are the selected images I would use if I could not re shoot.

I have decided to create more of an atmosphere/ story behind the images so will reshoot at a different location and in a different way with more thought going into the process of creating these images.