Final Links- Digital Platform -Matt Corvis

  3. Tumblr and Video
  4. Hard copy Image- also see below





Digital Platform- Case Studies- Social Media- Matt Corvis

Twitter- Rankin

  • posts new and old work
  • retweets other artists work/ collaborations
  • competitions

Instagram – Olivia Bee

  • Clear consistant layout of displaying photographs
  • new and old work
  • Answers followers questions within comments
  • likes and followers posts she is mentioned/tagged in
  • promotion of work/shows/signings


Blogger and Photographer Oliva Purvis.

  • Range of boards to cover all categories her blog has to offer
  • Pins boards and pins from other pinners
  • Always promotes her account on her social medias




Digital Platform- Matt Corvis- Social Media


Digital Platform- Social Media


Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Physical distributions – books/prints

Digital distributions – images/ ideas /work



  • Who are you following? Follow other people you’re interested in
  • Retweeting what people said about you- positive feedback
  • Link Instagram to twitter account
  • Hashtags – that are commonly viewed
  • Good self-publish
  • promote yourself in optimum ways- prime times 7am/12pm/4pm/7pm
  • live tweeting- ways of encountering more followers
  • post work and target people, you want to see your work.
  • CONS-Spam Balance- how often do you tweet? will you loose followers?
  • CONS- Twitter is busy! easy to get lost on timelines
  • CONS- Character limit
  • CONS- Quick response is required- people get impatient!!




  • Hashtags # – the more hashtags the more viewers
  • Showing off work
  • Getting people to follow accounts
  • Outsourcing for models
  • Models- giving them the imagery
  • Followers
  • Communicate with other photographers/creatives for collaboration
  • Gives customers a visual reference
  • CONS- Not a top priority for some marketers in some industries
  • CONS- Created specifically for mobile devices- have to upload via the app
  • CONS- Links do not work on comment sections- have to copy/paste and or have the link in your bio- meaning you cannot have your most desired link there!



  • Inspirational webpage
  • Uploading own work- takes them to your website
  • Watermark photos- who took the photograph
  • Range of ages
  • CONS-Only for fun- lack of businesses on it currently
  • CONS- copyright issues
  • CONS- Female audience only-



Physical distribution

  • Society 6
  • Etsy
  • Big cartel


Society 6

  • Website that work for you
  • Competitive
  • Mark up- not good
  • Outstanding quality, however mark up is high so adding to price= over priced= put people off

Big Cartel

  • Build cartel shop into the website
  • You print and post
  • Automated service
  • Free shop- 4 itmes
  • Reinforced envelopes/ recorded delivery
  • £3.00 postage


  • Can sell your books- very expensive
  • Good publishing/printed
  • Previewing the book


  • Crowd funding
  • Proposal- this is what we want to do- this is how much we need
  • Anyone who funds = 2x prints and ticket to show ( example )
  • Make a film

Hewart Books

  • Subscribers- people who funded the book
  • Top subscribers get limited edition book
  • Named on website


Digital Platform- Converse Campaign- Matt Corvis

My converse campaign has a series of images showing on a tumblr page.  I have linked all other social media accounts to this particular page where people will be able to view them as a whole. Through out this I have used hashtags and tempted people to click on links by suggesting they could be entered into a competition to win a pair of converse from the new range.

Digital Platform- Converse Campaign- Matt Corvis



For a digital platform method of promoting the following campaign, I have been using this very short video, to promote the work as a teaser. I have posted the video on the front page of my tumblr so viewers would then have to go onto a separate page to view the full campaign, therefore resulting in them being on the page for longer and possibly looking at other work!

Again Hashtags were used to gain viewers and followers. The more hashtags you use the larger audience you are promoting too!

Digital Platform- Converse Campaign- Matt Corvis

Instagram was a perfect digital platform to use for this particular campaign. I decided as my second step to put 3 x images from the campaign and again to link them to my tumblr page where there was a whole series of images for the campaign.

  • I used hashtags to gain more views/followers= the more people who see the work= the bigger promotion
  • perfect app for showing off work all in one place
  • These hashtags make people want to follow your work/account
  • Instagram is a perfect way to find other photographers/creatives/models/MUA etc to collab with.