Digital Platform- Matt Corvis- Social Media


Digital Platform- Social Media


Social Media

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Physical distributions – books/prints

Digital distributions – images/ ideas /work



  • Who are you following? Follow other people you’re interested in
  • Retweeting what people said about you- positive feedback
  • Link Instagram to twitter account
  • Hashtags – that are commonly viewed
  • Good self-publish
  • promote yourself in optimum ways- prime times 7am/12pm/4pm/7pm
  • live tweeting- ways of encountering more followers
  • post work and target people, you want to see your work.
  • CONS-Spam Balance- how often do you tweet? will you loose followers?
  • CONS- Twitter is busy! easy to get lost on timelines
  • CONS- Character limit
  • CONS- Quick response is required- people get impatient!!




  • Hashtags # – the more hashtags the more viewers
  • Showing off work
  • Getting people to follow accounts
  • Outsourcing for models
  • Models- giving them the imagery
  • Followers
  • Communicate with other photographers/creatives for collaboration
  • Gives customers a visual reference
  • CONS- Not a top priority for some marketers in some industries
  • CONS- Created specifically for mobile devices- have to upload via the app
  • CONS- Links do not work on comment sections- have to copy/paste and or have the link in your bio- meaning you cannot have your most desired link there!



  • Inspirational webpage
  • Uploading own work- takes them to your website
  • Watermark photos- who took the photograph
  • Range of ages
  • CONS-Only for fun- lack of businesses on it currently
  • CONS- copyright issues
  • CONS- Female audience only-



Physical distribution

  • Society 6
  • Etsy
  • Big cartel


Society 6

  • Website that work for you
  • Competitive
  • Mark up- not good
  • Outstanding quality, however mark up is high so adding to price= over priced= put people off

Big Cartel

  • Build cartel shop into the website
  • You print and post
  • Automated service
  • Free shop- 4 itmes
  • Reinforced envelopes/ recorded delivery
  • £3.00 postage


  • Can sell your books- very expensive
  • Good publishing/printed
  • Previewing the book


  • Crowd funding
  • Proposal- this is what we want to do- this is how much we need
  • Anyone who funds = 2x prints and ticket to show ( example )
  • Make a film

Hewart Books

  • Subscribers- people who funded the book
  • Top subscribers get limited edition book
  • Named on website



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