Digital Platform- Converse- Matt Corvis


I started my campaign by creating a Pinterest board and putting this first image from the video I made as the first pin. I then linked this image to my Tumblr page where there is a full series of images creating the serious for Converse ‘Neon Dreams’. I will be linking all of my social medias to this Tumblr page in various different ways such as Hashtags and simple click/link buttons.

Within the board on the Pinterest page I will include inspiration/ like and follow other similar creatives with similar work. The more people who ‘pin’ my work onto their page= the more views and the more people that will be viewing the particular campaign.

Pinterest pros

  • inspiration webpage
  • uploading of own work- can take you to your website
  • you can watermark you images meaning people will know it is yours
  • other people can pin your work- the more the better!!
  • great way to follow other photographers/creatives =collaborations?
  • wide audience



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