Digital Platform- Matt- Edits from shoot one

Here I have played around with different ways of creating an advertisement using the photos I took as a trial and error. Although I won’t be using the photos I shot on the first shoot- it was a good way of editing and seeing what works ready for when I shoot again.


I took a quote from their own ad ‘shoes are boring wear sneakers’ for one of them and made it into an advertisement to suggest something else was going to follow such as a release of a new pair etc. For the other image I wanted to do a similar thing so created the question ‘what style will you bring?’ I did this so engage the audience and used the hashtag #BRconverse- BRING CONVERSE. I like the idea of engaging the audience and using the hashtag’s so will continue to do so in my future work. Using the # means that everyone using this will see other images, creating more of a following for the brand itself.


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